What is an ATA Carnet and How/Why is it Used?


The acronym ATA stands for Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission, or the ATA, and is a widely used International document.

ATA Carnet, Importance and Relevance

An ATA Carnet is used to simply move shipment from one country to the other without the need of a formal clearance or the payment of duties.  Its main function is to facilitate global trade.

ATA Carnet Categories

Field of applications for Carnets, fall in three broad categories including that of commercial samples of merchandise, professional equipment as well as the goods for utilization at diverse range of exhibitions. Interested individuals and firms need to lodge a detailed application, while submitting the additional documents.

ATA Carnet permitted Countries

An ATA Carnet will allow you to export your products to various countries for a 1year time frame.  It is accepted in 80 countries and territories.

ATA Carnet Required Deposit

Carnets usually requite a deposit of 40% of the value of the products being exported, although some products, such as vehicles, may require up to 150% deposit.

For export marketers, foreign customs may prove to be a tricky subject. However, there are processes that can facilitate and simplify the process for the export marketers. One such highly effective document is known to be the ATA Carnet.

This is an internationally known document related to customs. The document helps you (the US Exporter) to import the products into other countries, without the need for a Customs Broker or paying the usual duty and tax fees. In short, the document allows eliminating the requirement for buying imported products on temporary basis. There is a time-frame requirement for re-export.  If the goods or products are re-exported within the correct time frame, there will be no duty and tax paid.

ATA Carnet Penalties

However, failing to export the goods products as being listed on Carnet, means that the exporter will be required to pay applicable duties, taxes, penalties and fines, which will be considerably more that the cost of the product.

Per the World Trade Organization (WTO) there have bee over 160 000 Carnets issued in an international format.  Numerous nations have been inducted into the ATA system. As nations are added as

An ATA Carnet is an excellent way to present your products to potential buyers in multiple countries while minimizing the cost associated with duties, taxes and clearance.

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