Top 5 Nations for US Exports

Being the largest manufacturer for over 110 years, the United States has just recently slipped to second place behind China. Although this is the case, the US is still an enormous trading force. The US’s annual exports amount to approximately $2.5 trillion. The United States encourages trade and has grown trade in Asia and Europe. Mexico and Canada, however, continue to remain in the top two export destinations for of US products.

Top US Export Products

Some highly popular US export products include food, aeronautical supply product, steel, automobile product etc. Very few are actually aware of the fact that the US happens to be one of the largest global distributors of grains such as wheat and products like, beef, pork, dairy products, etc. Construction of airplanes is something where the US leads the market. Significant amounts of aircrafts are manufactured in the US. Steel products is another vital export. Due to assistance from the industrial belt of Pennsylvania and Indiana, the US has become a major force in the production of steel. In automotive aspect too, the US continues to be a dominant force to reckon with. It is interesting to observe that with a fair amount of competition from numerous Asian and European automotive manufacturers, the US continues to shine in the automotive market. Some of the familiar names may include Chevrolet, Ford etc. lesser-known but highly effective US automotive products include military vehicles aimed at carrying armed force personnel. Jeeps, for instance, are one of the highly popular automotive products being exported by the US.

US Trade Partners

Over the span of recent few years, the US has developed strong business bonds with many nations, which resulted in the formation of trade agreement. Presently, the bulk of US export happens with Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and Germany. Among these nations, Canada experiences most amount of US export amounting to approximately $222.4 billion, while Germany experiences the lowest amount standing at $50.1 billion.     In an interesting turn of events, the US has now turned the tide and become a fuel exporter. This is significant, since the US imported huge amount of fuel till the recent period. The scenario actually, assisted in reinforcing the image of the US as one of the major energy providers in the world.

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