Testing Products Prior to the Export

Undertaking thorough testing of the products prior to exporting is strictly enforced by various nations. In some nations, the procedure is enforced in a genuinely strict way. Those nations have come up with a well laid out formula for the products that may be specially tested prior to the export. The procedure helps in maintaining the quality control, true value worth the investment by the buyer, and genuineness of the product. 

There are some products, which need to undergo a more thorough quality check in comparison to others. The products include items related to food, a wide list of Chemical products, mechanical materials and gas devices, toys and sports products, electrical appliances and electronics devices, diverse parts of automobile industry, paper products, various equipment, personal safety devices as well as utilized products. Please check any products in these categories prior to exporting them in order to ensure that you are following the proper procedures/laws for your particular export.

The reasons for such requirements vary from, additional security from foreign products in areas of quality, environmental protection, value and maintenance of customs duty among others.

A significantly strict maintenance of the testing of products prior to export, assists the buyer also, as it not only facilitates clearance but also avoids costly delays. Refusal and return of shipments for testing by the foreign governments for testing becomes costly.  Foreign customs may refuse to return the shipment and destroy it in order to safeguard their country from infestation (in the case of insects) or health concerns.  In these cases, you will have no recourse.

Each country, regardless of the general clearance process, will have specific product requirements and procedures in place.  Be certain to not only know the US requirements for export but also the foreign country’s requirements too.  Your customer/consignee should be able to assist with the import requirements for the product.

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