Shipping Samples to Potential Customers

Just like any other product purchase, the export marketing community too, relies on the sample examination of the products. In some the cases, the export market clients shy away from the if they are not able to determine the quality of the product by first receiving a sample. Therefor, using good quality sample products as a standard part of your export business is essential for securing additional export customers worldwide.

Importance of Sample in Exporting


Sample Quality

As the exporter and not the manufacture of the products you export, you must make sure that the product being sourced is of good quality.  There are some unscrupulous manufactures that ship substandard product on the actual order.  It is important for you to clearly communicate to your vendor the expectations and requirements for the products you are buying from them in writing.  Once you develop a reputation as a good customer, you will benefit in many other ways.

Be certain to know what your return policy is as it pertains to damage of the product as well as the packaging (presentation plays a big roll in if the product is packed and ready for sale to the consumer).  Any damage in any part in packaging the product may be directly related to the success of any export business.

Sample Mutilation

When shipping samples, you must ask your customer if he will be declaring the product as a sample or simply as the product itself.  This is important because the product itself will need to pay duties and taxes at destination.  Your customer will receive the product as you intend to sell it to him.

If the sample is not for resale, many countries will require that the sample be mutilated to ensure that it will not be sold.  In this case, most countries will not assess duty on the product.  It is important that you discuss this with your customer prior to sending out the product.

There is no specific way of mutilating you samples.  The mutilation will be different for every product.  If you are sending a blouse, you may need to cut a slit in the front of the blouse in order to make the product a sample.  These mutilations should not impact the essence of your product.  In other words, if your product is a blouse, your customer will still be able to determine if the blouse meets his or her requirements of quality, color, style, fabric, etc.  The slit will not affect the purpose of the sample.  If you are sending a sunglass sample, you may take one of the lenses out to make the sunglass a sample.  Please do discuss this with your buyer.  Not all countries have this regulation and they may prefer to pay duties and taxes but have a sample that they can use.

Bringing peace of mind to your customers is important.  Sales tend to happen easier when you are able to provide samples for your customers and help them grow their business.

Please continue to visit our site. We will have specific information on growing your business, eliminating the stumbling blocks and helping you make more money. We will cover documentation requirements, terms of sale, transportation options as well as market focus. Our goal is to have you exporting and growing your business. We look forward to working with you and thank you in advance for joining our community and for sharing with us your success as you prove that “The world is your customer.”

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