Countries Requiring pre-Inspection

Is pre Export Inspection Required?

Prior inspection or pre-inspection is where the country where you are exporting your shipment to, requires that the shipment be inspected prior to it departing the US.

Who Mandates the pre-Inspection

Each country mandates what value triggers the inspection a well as what products are required to be inspected. It is different for every country, so it is important to check what countries you need pre-inspections for as well as the product. There are some products that need pre-inspection regardless of their value. For instance, we may cite the nation of Kuwait, which requires prior exporting inspection on the products valued more than $3000. In another instance, we may look at the nation of Mexico, which requires the inspection if the product is either shoe or textile, steel as well as bicycles.

Since the foreign government mandates the procedure, they will also provide the inspection agency with the parameters of the inspection. The inspection report will usually include the product price representing the true value aspect, adherence to the quality control by the exporter, and proper customs duty payment, labeling, etc.

Countries requiring pre-Inspection

A wide list of nations follow the procedure of prior exporting inspection. The countries requiring the pre-inspection are:


For export marketers, it is vital to be aware of the continuously changing rules and regulations of prior exporting inspection. The inspection system is reviewed several times in equivalent periodical difference. For export marketer, it is of vital importance to be aware of the developments as and when it takes place.

 Who Selects the Inspection Company

Entire procedure of prior exporting inspections is being carried out by independent organizations under contract, which is usually arranged by the buyer. Buyers can sometimes directly select these organizations (the inspection companies are government approved/certified and the buyer must select one of the pre-approved inspection companies) working as the prior shipment inspections. Few of the companies may be selected for undertaking the prior shipment inspection exclusively for certain nations.

Inspection Companies

Some of the companies that take part in the prior shipment inspection are as follows:

Bivac/Bureau Veritas, Miami, FL

Tel: (305) 593-7878


Cotecna, Miami, FL

Tel: (305) 828-8141


Intertek, Americas

Tel: (800) 967-5352


SGS, Miami, FL

Tel: (305) 592-0410 

All costs for prior shipment inspections are usually paid by the buyer themselves. In some cases, the government pays it. While creating the invoice, the inspection agency sends it directly to the importer, who later releases the funds for paying the inspection agency.


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