Packing Your Shipment

Continuing our coverage of the importance of packing,  you may know, professional packing plays a significant and vital role in any export shipment.  Absence of genuinely quality  shipment packing for export can cause any exporter dearly.

An exporter may follow few basic and well-tested procedures for packing international shipments.  Your product will indicate how it should be packed.  Fragile items are packed with proper internal and external cushions, air-bags, beans, etc.  Larger exterior boxes may be double walled (see picture) in order to withstand the weight of multiple boxes of the product being consolidated in a larger box.  Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials have specific packing requirements as well as labeling requirements to ensure the safety and well being of all those who come in contact with the shipment.

Some exporters select a professional export packaging service provider to prepare their shipments. Although engaging and contracting a third party service provider or outsourcing the task may cost the exporter more, depending on the product, it may very well be a great investment. This will ensure that your product arrives to your customer in a safe manner.

Even when you pack your own shipments, sourcing quality packing boxes is important.  When choosing to pack your own shipment you must keep in mind that the goal of proper packaging is to safeguard your product from the elements, damage (due to dropping, or mishandling), protect internal items from other internal items in the shipment and deliver the shipment to the consignee/your customer safely.

Depending on your product, you may wish to double box, meaning, your product is placed in another box for export.  The other box’s function is simply to protect the shipment from damage.

Some exporters consolidate several boxes within one larger box.  This is very important when wanting to maintain shipment integrity. Many foreign Customs governments will not clear a partial shipment.  If for whatever the reason your shipment is split up, the foreign Customs officer will hold the shipments clearance until all the pieces of the shipment have arrived and are ready for inspection, if needed.

Consolidating shipments in a much larger outer box or create is important for security reasons.  It is easier/simpler for an airline to misplace a small box than it is for them to misplace a large crate.  It will also allow you to easily see if one crate has been tampered with than it is to confirm 235 boxes have not been tampered with.

Proper packing is important for insurance purposes. An insurance company covering your shipment will need to know how the shipment is packed in order to not only cover the shipment but also be in a position where they will pay a claim if one occurs. A carrier/transporting company or insurance company may refuse to pay a claim if the shipper failed to pack their shipment properly.

New TSA regulations now require that all shipments on a pallet be double strapped in crossing directions.  Failure to strap the shipment properly will result in a hold at the airport of departure.

Ensuring the integrity and safe delivery of your shipment to your customer is what will keep him coming back.  Proper packing will ensure that your product arrives damage free.

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