New Year’s Resolution for 2013

Happy December!  

Welcome to the last month of the year.  We are fast approaching the beginning of a new year.  It is the time of year where we not only take stock in what we have accomplished in the past year on a personal, family and business life but we plan what we would like to accomplish in the coming year.

A New Year brings us a clean slate and the opportunity to start fresh, to set goals and to get results!  New Year’s resolutions are common in many countries and are a practical way we permit ourselves a fresh start and wipe out any previous mistakes that have been weighing hard on our minds.  This is the time to start something new, fun, challenging and life changing.

What will your new year’s resolutions be this year? Will you finally start your new business?  Will you allow yourself to Dare? I hope you do!  That is how all of the great businesses have started.  They have ALL started with an idea and with someone allowing themselves to dare dream, dare try, dare Make it!

How will your life be different as you receive 2014 next year?

Limit your resolutions

It is difficult to change.  We are creatures of habit.  Trying to accomplish 20 different resolutions may diminish your chances of actually completing them.  You are better of choosing 2 or 3 strong goals and setting your sites on accomplishing them.


Make room for your resolutions

It is important for you to plan your new resolutions into your life.  Make room for them from the start.  If you are starting a new business, plan the time that you will spend specifically working on your business.  Make sure you set parameters to ensure that you will have the time and the focus to succeed.

Write them down/Make a plan

One of the surest ways to success is to commit in as many ways as possible.  When you say to yourself that you will start a business, you are making a verbal/mental commitment, but when you write it down, you give your commitment structure (a backbone). In fact, you need to sign your commitment.  Something inside us triggers when we sign.  We make it official and a commitment that we must honor because we have signed it.

Be clear about your goal.  Focus on the end result, not the details, you will work through them as you focus on your end result.


Become accountable by Involving your friends and family

We tend to give ourselves quite-a-bit of slack when it comes to New Years resolutions especially when no one knows about them.  We sometimes pretend they were not so important.  It is different when we involve others.  When we become accountable to other people, we are required to face them and admit that we failed (or not) and that changes the paradigm.  We tend to be more successful when we have to update friends on how we are doing and how things are coming along.  Schedule a time to discuss your progress and your next steps.  It is very motivating to take action when you know that you will be facing (or on the phone) someone who you will need to update on your progress.  You will find yourself progressing, if for nothing else that to simply have some forward movement when your face your friends and be accountable for your actions (or sometime the lack there of).


Expect to slip

It would be unrealistic to not expect yourself to slip at some point, after all, you are making a change that is difficult.  If the change would have been easy, it would have already happened.  It is natural to slip.  In fact, plan it, or rather plan what will happen when you do slip.  In other words, plan your success so that it includes a way to get back on track.


Celebrate small victories


Keeping the pace, direction and momentum on your success is important.  When you celebrate small victories you experience a preview of what it will feel like when you reach your goal.  Every small victory ultimately leads to a final successful outcome.


Take Action – start now

There is nothing in the world like action.  Nothing happens unless there is action.  You cannot adjust your direction if there is no forward movement.  Once you take the first step, the rest will follow.  You will be able to adjust your path, pace, direction as you continue to focus on your goal. This year, Start your New Year’s resolution in December!

Plan on succeeding


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