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Being able to redirect business to the southern hemisphere comes with couple of intrinsic advantages. One of the advantages includes unique product selling. According to experienced marketers, exporting to a different hemisphere will help clear stale inventory that if kept, would otherwise have to sit in a shelf for 6-8 months .

There are some products that benefit from cross hemisphere sales.  If you export food and apparel products you may very well be able to benefit from making your products available to countries in the Southern hemisphere.

 Export Fruits and Vegetables to Southern Hemisphere

Fruits and Vegetables Exports

Food, as you could already presume, are usually grown in one season.  When it is ready in the US, the same produce/vegetables are not in season in

the southern hemisphere. There are certain products that are in higher demands to the people of the southern hemisphere in any particular season. However, non-production of such food products may compel the people to import that from other parts of the world. US exporters benefit by offering fruits, vegetables and out of season produce to countries in the southern hemisphere.One interesting example may be that of fruits. For instance, the US has been one of the major exporters of apples to a wide region of southern hemisphere. The demand for fruits follows a steady line of demand throughout the year. Importantly, the demand actually sky rockets at certain times of the year. Thereby, aiming to that certain period of the year, could be highly effective for the export marketer. According to experienced export marketers, the volume of US fruit export to the southern hemisphere has been comparatively higher than years past.

Export Apparel to Southern Hemisphere

Out of Season Clothing

Similar scenario can be noticed in the development of US apparel for export. US export has significantly competed with other nations to increase and retain its market share.

Apparel products, which may be out of season in the US and beginning season sales in the southern hemisphere, are also a good candidate for US export. Though, unavailability of the products may compel other countries to look at the other parts of the world to source products.

A genuinely focused attitude to the seasonal demands has assisted US exporters to occupy a uniquely advantageous position in the apparel market and seasonal produce to the southern hemisphere.  Thus, anyone interested in exporting to different hemispheres, may have to aim for the most beneficial times of the year but benefit from a full year for sales.


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