Export Basics – Basic Flow


Getting Ready for Export Business

Export business has been an inseparable part of the long distance trade. Global empires found the export business to be one of the most appropriate ways of not only expanding and gaining territorial dominance, but of also uniting the culture on the countries that were being invaded. Looking back at the characteristics of the export business, the experts found it to be reasonably unchanged over the history of the human race. Whether you are an individual looking to start your own small business or a seasoned exporter, the concept of exporting is the same.  You are in the business of selling your products and are not limiting yourself to the domestic market.

Identify Export Market

If you already have a product, you will need to identify the potential markets for your product.  There are multiple resources for your research. You can identify where your product is being exported to the most (that is one possible market), find where related products are being exported to as well, that would be another possible market.  What countries does your product qualify for reduced duty or duty free entry.

Identify Buyers and Marketing to your Buyers

Once you have identified a target export market, you will need to focus on specific buyers in that market.  Clearly identifying your customer in any market will allow you to specifically target that buyer (or groups of buyers).  Knowing who to market to will also help you with creating specific marketing campaigns focusing on your target audience.  If your “customer” communicates in writing than an email campaign may work.  Perhaps a more electronic campaign, such as a PPC (pay-per-click) focusing on your target market will better focus on creating a new customer base in that country.

Selling to your New Customers

Now that you have an actual customer, the focus is on selling your product. Foreign buyers need to receive specifics about your product.  This can be very easily accomplished by providing all the details on your website (please do not let this frighten you, setting up a website is now very simple).  You can refer your customers there for information and cost. Your site can also be optimized for the products that you sell.  Be certain to be clear and provide detailed information.  There are multiple and low cost ways to communicate with your customer. A phone call may go a long way.  Skype is a simple and cost effective way to communicate with your customers worldwide. They offer multiple ways to contact your customers.  We use Skype for our podcast interviews.  Making your communication link with your customer is important and the base for growing your global business. Having your blueprint in place and targeting the correct market/country for your product will invariable enable you to also focus on specific customers that will bring about a considerably more productive and profitable export business.


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