Cultural Differences


Export and Cultural Difference

The international trade has been in existence since man began to explore beyond their “known” areas.  Ancient empires spread their wings of domination throughout the world. Although we cannot compare the ancient empires’ abilities to trade with that of a present day’s exporter, we must acknowledge that we have been trading globally since ancient times. The trade has required the trader with the understanding and acceptance of cultural differences. Export marketing acknowledges and attaches a significant importance to the diverse aspects of cultural differences and divergence of diverse aspects of world communities.

The goal of an exporter is to grow their business globally.  To do so, you must be able to grow be able to have a few basic.


Language can be an incredibly powerful tool in expanding the business of any export marketer. In both aspects of written expression of language, and learning of the foreign language, the export marketer can expand his clientele. The export marketers oftentimes focuses on a single region and in most cases, language is the reason for the targeted marketing.  Learning a new language opens many new doors for an exporter.  It allows for better cultural understanding. Any amount of time invested in learning a new language is time well invested.


Communication is more than just language.  It encompasses language, culture, gestures, foods, cultural habits, etc.  Communication is truly the knowledgeable combination of a cultures’ way of exchanging ideas.

Ever hear someone from another country (culture and language) say something…, you understood their message, but it reached your ears as a syntax error?  They did get their message across, you understood it, but it was just not what you expected to hear.  If it is challenging in person, the written message can also be a bit challenging.  It is always wise to double check your communication to ensure that you and your customer are both in agreement when it comes to their order/purchase and all the details involved in their order (quality, quantity, color, transportation, etc.).

Cultural Awareness

Being culturally aware is required for an exporter.  There are cultural taboos that can negatively impact your business if you are not aware of them.  Each culture has their own idiosyncrasies that make them special.  Knowing these cultural differences are an asset. Experiences point out that numerous successful export marketers have been a huge lover of the foreign cultural aspects, too. According to the experts, remaining interested in the foreign cultural aspects is one of the hallmarks of the successful export marketer.  Increasing your cultural awareness will directly impact your bottom line.


Faith, in any culture, tends to be a basic and core aspect of that culture/community.  As a global traders, it is important to understand that religions are very different and one of the most personal and intimate part of any individual that you are working with.  Although it is widely accepted that one should not bring up religion or discuss religion in a business setting, it is important for you to have basic understanding of the religions in the markets that you are working with or would like to work with.  Your knowledge will allow you to be considerate, understanding, and gracious of your customers’ needs.

Being able to communicate well with other cultures will not only allow you to grow socially and culturally but you will also reap the financial benefits of going the extra mile to get to know your customer and their culture.



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